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                2. Service
                  Chuangda Service
                  Service Network
                  Chuangda Service

                  Home - Service - Chuangda Service

                  Technical Support

                  ● Free consultant service, help customers to make project feasibility analysis.
                  ● We provide the relevent product information of the series for customer’s reference.
                  ● We offer the designing, installment drawing and necessary information for production according to customer’s real situation.
                  ● We inform the models, technical index and request, suppliers and reference price of all necessary raw materials for production.
                  ● We advise customers how to solve the usual machine fault.
                  ● We can supply the technicians to operate the machine.

                  After-sale Service
                  ● The machines are tested and have trial production in our factory before leaving our factory and they are shipped out only after the customers are satisfied with them.
                  ● When the machines are tested, our technicians will train the customers’ technicians in theory and practice till they grasp the skills.
                  ● When the machines are delivered to the customers, we can go to customer’s factory to install, test the machines, and to train again before the operation staff start working.
                  ● During this period of one year waranty, if the machines were damaged by non-artificial reasons, we are responsible for repairing or changing parts.
                  ● During this period of waranty, if there is something wrong with the machine, we are responsible to provide project for solving this problem at the soonest, and help customers to restore production as soon as possible.
                  ● After the warranty, we charge only cost price for maintaining the machines within three years.
                  ● Other after-sale terms can be agreed by buyer and seller in addition.
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