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                          1. CDH-500

                            3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播 Sanitary Napkin Machine

                            Equipment Functions

                            ◎Common and ultra thin fluff pulp sanitary towels can be produced.(customers requirement);
                            ◎Dust free paper ultra-thin sanitary towels can be made.(customers requirement);
                            ◎Fluff pulp is spread through pulp-collecting box, and wrapped and formed with liner of high wet strength paper;
                            ◎Interrupted or adjustable spraying of S.A.P can be selected;
                            ◎Independent packing with sealing device, which is easy to be torn out.;
                            ◎Length can be customized according to customer request size and shape;
                            ◎Diversion trench shape can be customized;
                            ◎Cotton core is spread through pulp-collecting box, can make filaments thin sanitary napkin(order by customer's require);
                            ◎If requested, a 3-pieces type solid shield apron and blue core piece or flow conducting short cut and dotting device can be supplied;
                            ◎Stacker can be provided as requested by clients.

                            Technical Parameter

                            Equipment power requirements :380V; 50Hz
                            Operating rate :≥85%
                            Compressed air requirements :0.6-0.8Mpa Equipment size (m) :24 x 2.8 x 3.5 (L x W x H)
                            Production products and specifications : Fast- Easy package 240 products (according the product drawing) Design speed: 700 pieces/minute; acceptance rate : 550 pieces/minute
                            Product Variety and Structure (See Product Diagram for details) : Three-piece surface + chopped blue chip + dustless paper bag chopped absorbent paper + wood pulp Wick + PE bottom film + back release paper + two wings release paper + packaging film + sealing tape; can produce standard Type (thick cotton) and ultra-thin products;
                            Installed power reference (excluding hot melt machine) : about 150KW (specifically based on the actual design)
                            Qualification rate : ≥97% (calculated in 8 hours, the ratio of the output of the qualified product to the total output.Not include the defectives produced casue by the glue machine, raw materials, and change raw materials)
                            If you are interested in the above products, please fill out the form below and the relevant personnel will contact you promptly. (Note: Please fill in your information correctly)


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