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                        Automatic Box Drawing Facial Tissue Production Line

                        Main features

                        Automatic facial tissue production line is consist of facial tissue folding machine,single channel log saw,single bag packing machine. Machine working smoothly and stable from the raw material to finished products. This production line is highly automated, save labor costs; reduce labor intensity; the best choice for the production of facial tissue products. ◎CDH-190-7L Facial tissue making machine working flow:The jumbo rolls which have been slit into the desired width are cut by the slitting cylinders,and then interfolded into interoverlapped rectangular facial tissue sheets.This machine adopts independent servo motor drive , automatic paper tension control. Automatic counting function, with high speed ,nice folding and easy operation advantage;
                        ◎Can order steel to rubber embossing rolls,pneumatically separated (Optional);
                        ◎Wallboard rack and Machine running stability and extremely good and fast;
                        ◎ Pneumatic jumbo roll loading,pneumatic paper driving ,stepless speed regulation,and automatically adjust different paper tension;
                        ◎Equipped with roots type vacuum pump for stable running of the machine;
                        ◎Make various products width as requirement;
                        ◎Equipped with edge embossing unit to keep the two plies together;
                        ◎The machine will stop when the paper broken.It avoid waste caused by no paper or paper broken;
                        ◎The web can be threaded on the machine by the two jog buttons,It's more safety and easier to thread the web.

                        Technical Parameter

                        Electric source : 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase Power : 27KW
                        Folded size : 95X(120-210)±2mm Unfolded size : 190X210±2mm
                        Raw material width :1400mm Raw material diameter :1100mm
                        Raw material core diameter: 76.2mm Out put (8 hours) :2000-3000Kg
                        Embossing unit : Steel to steel edge embossing ,independent pneumatic regulation
                        Slitting unit : Pneumatic slitting Dimension : 7950*2500*1850mm
                        Pneumatic system : 3 HP air compressor ,mini pressure 5kg/cm2PA Weight : 6.0T

                        3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播 Single Channel Log Saw Machine

                        Log saw cutter is used to automatically cut off a row folded and round roll paper towel products, such as the facial tissue or toilet roll paper. The whole machine adopts servo drive technology and frequency control of motor speed and enhance the stability of paper cutting, and improves the cutting precision of tissue and to cut off the end face flat . Cutting length within the scope of the machine allows arbitrary adjustable. Fixed automatic knife grinding wheel Angle, ensure the quality of the sharpening knife. Knife grinding place often blow compressed air for cooling, and can match the special cooling fluid.

                        Technical Parameter

                        ◎Power supply : 380V 50Hz Power : 11KW
                        The length of facial tissue log : minimum 500mm The Height of tissue : 30~130mm
                        Machine Speed : 20~150cut/min Operating speed : 20~120cut/min
                        Round blade outer diameter : Φ610mm Round blade top speed : 980R/min
                        Finished products specification : H:40~110mm L:50~220mm Trimming:20~65mm Air source : 0.5~0.8MPa
                        Machine Size : 4600*1700*2500mm Weight of machine : 2300~2600kg

                        3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播 Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine

                        3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播 Main Technical Parameter

                        Power supply : 380V/50HZ
                        Power :10KW
                        Max.design mechanical speed :≤ 80 bags/min Max. stable operation speed :65 bags/min
                        Tissue Sizes : (120-210)*(90-105)*(40-100)mm(L*W*H) Packing raw material : CPP film
                        Film Thickness : 0.04mm-0.055mm Max film diameter : 400mm
                        Film core diameter : 76mm Max film width :340mm
                        Air pressure : Minimum air pressure 5MPA Packing way : Three-dimensional wrapping
                        Machine size : 4600 *3620 *1770 mm(L*W*H) Machine weight : About 3000 KG
                        If you are interested in the above products, please fill out the form below and the relevant personnel will contact you promptly. (Note: Please fill in your information correctly)


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