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                              1. CD-1828I

                                3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播Full Auto 30~120pcs Wet Wipe Machine(Six Lanes)

                                Functions and features

                                CD-1828I Full Automatic wet wipe folding machine can unroll raw material → slit fabric into lanes → fold → wetting → cut in size → output wet wipe → auto transport to packing machine, automatic packing. All these processes are completed on the machine,the production speed is high, sanitary.
                                Adjustable bag-making equipment for different quantity pile, Inserting corner device,Automatic electrical eye tracking, Roll type date printing device, Punching device, Labeling device, Optional avoid tear-away labeling unit.
                                Packing machine production process :Unrolling packing film → Printing date → Punching window hole on packing film → Sticking label on window hole → avoid tear-away labeling → feeding on the convey belt →Coverage → Centre sealing → End sealing and cutting → Output finished products.

                                Technical Parameter

                                Electrical source : 380V 50HZ Power : 6 KW
                                Production speed : 200~280 stacks/min (5 or 6 pcs/stack) Folding way : " Z " fold (non-pop up)
                                Product size (unfolded) : (150~230)×(150~250) mm (L×W) Product size (folded) : (150~230)×(90~120) mm (L×W)
                                Suitable material : Spunlace non-woven fabric GSM of raw material : 35~80 g/m²
                                Size of raw material : (800~1500)×Φ1200 mm (W×D) Tank volume :400L
                                Water tank size : 800×800×2100 mm (L×W×H) Weight of machine : 2000kg
                                Machine size : 5500×3000×1800 mm (L×W×H)  
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