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                  • CD-2000H

                    3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播Full Auto 30~120pcs Wet Wipe Machine

                    Product video

                    3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播 Functions and features

                    CD-2000H Full auto wet wipe machine is directly slitting the raw material, folding, wetting, cut in size, auto convey the wipe to packing machine. Raw material is equipped with auto splicing unit, and with tension control and web guiding function. The whole process from raw material to final product is in machine, production is sanitary and speed is high. The folding machine and packing machine can automatically connect for production and also can be separated for special size of product, which makes customer use the machine in maximum limit and get the maximum profit.
                    Adjustable bag-making device, inserting corner device(adjustable corner balance), high precise color indicator, electric eye tracking, roll type date printing device, punching device, labeling device.
                    ◎ With 180 degree U corner or parallel display;
                    ◎ Glue spray between two piles with glue machine.

                    Technical Parameter

                    Power supply : 380V 50Hz 3 Phase (customized as per client request) Power :40KW
                    Suitable material : Spunlace non-woven fabric Quality of material : 35-80g/m²
                    Wet wipe size (unfolded) : (150-230)×(150-250) mm(L×W) Stable Production speed : 4800-6400 pcs/min
                    Wet wipe size (folded) : (150-230)×(90-120)mm (L×W) Packing Speed : 60-80 packs/min
                    Final Product Size : (200-280)×(90-120)×(30-100)mm (L×W×H) Folding way : "Z" fold, (pop up or non pop up)
                    Parent roll size (raw material reel) : (800-1200)×Φ1200mm(W×D) Machine size : 19600×3500×2200mm (L×W×H)
                    Counting way : auto-counting, quantity changeable pile system Water tank size : 2000×1100×1900mm (L×W×H)
                    Humidification agitating system : double agitating drums with agitator, 800L×2 ( dosing system)
                    Machine weight : 12000kg  
                    If you are interested in the above products, please fill out the form below and the relevant personnel will contact you promptly. (Note: Please fill in your information correctly)


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