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                  2. CD-160 RW

                    3d猎鱼达人哪里可以看直播Full Auto Rolling Wet Wipe Machine

                    Functions and features

                    ◎This machine is equipped with full servo control system;
                    ◎The raw material of non-woven is with web guiding system;
                    ◎Each system is independently controlled;
                    ◎Liquid tank is with up & bottom limit alarm system;
                    ◎Folding Way is optional customization with "V" fold or "C" fold.

                    Technical Parameter

                    Electrical source : 380 V 50 Hz Power : 8KW
                    Raw material : spun-laced nonwoven, air-laid paper etc. Folding type : Rolling fold
                    Raw material specification: (140-300)×Φ1100mm(W×D) (Max) Diameter of ventilating shaft: 76mm
                    Suitable packing material : BOPP CPP PET/PE PET/AL Compressed air : 0.4-0.8Mpa 100L/min
                    Packing film specification : (100-140)×Φ350mm(W×Max diameter) Moisture type :spray
                    Production size : (70-180)×Φ30mm (L×D)(Max) Agitate tank : 400L stainless steel agitate tank
                    Open size : (140-300) ×(140-300)mm(L×W) Machine size : 5000×3500×1900mm (L×W×H)
                    Package size : (110-250)×(25-40)mm (L×W) Machine weight : 2000kg
                    Production speed : 150-200 Pieces/min (depends on packing film)
                    If you are interested in the above products, please fill out the form below and the relevant personnel will contact you promptly. (Note: Please fill in your information correctly)


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