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                      1. About Us
                        Company Profile
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                        Company Profile

                        Home- About Us - Company Profile

                        Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007,with a registered capital of 10 million and an area of 12000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of automatic wet wipe machinery, wet wipe packing machine, medical wet towe machinery and paper products series machinery enterprises.

                        With 10 years of efforts, we have won the title of "National Hi-Tech Enterprise", Fujian Provincial Science& Technology Enterprise", "CE certification"and"ISO9001: 2008 certificate With. the development of Al, our company has made new mprovement in design level and manufacturing technology, and has applied for more than 50 intellectual property rights such as national patent certificate, software  copyright certificate and so on.

                        With the development of Al, our company has made new breakthroughs in design level and manufacturing technology, and has applied for more than 50 intellectual property rights such as national patent certificate, software copyright certificate and so on.

                        "Chuangda" cooperation with many domestic and foreign famous Clients, exported equipment to developed countries such as Europe and the United states, also reached a strategic alliance with the overseas equipment manufacturers, to build an Quality service Network.

                        In the next ten years, we will adhere to the concept of customer first and quality as king, Focuson the field of hygienic products industry, and constantly provide quality services to customers!

                        Chuangda Machinery is willing to create a better future together with you!

                        Copyright(C)2019-2022 Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved       闽ICP备09052548号      BY:www.chinakewei.net       

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